Cosmetic coating


Thin electrolytic plating (100-150µm) to give a metal look to a part.


Ideal for models / prototypes / limited editions / displays…

Cosmetic coating: FINISHES

  • Shiny nickel
  • Brushed nickel
  • Satin nickel
  • Shiny copper
  • Brushed copper
  • Satin copper
  • Shiny yellow gold
  • Satin yellow gold

  • Shiny pink gold
  • Satin pink gold
  • Shiny palladium
  • Satin palladium
  • Shiny ruthenium
  • Satin ruthenium
  • Champagne gold (on demand)
  • Transparent coloured varnish


Copper can be varnished, passivated or stay raw (in that case its color will change over time with oxidation).

Colored varnish

For the transparent colored varnish finish: we apply the varnish on top of the shiny nickel surface in order to color the metal while keeping the mirror-polished aspect.



Models, prototypes and series (up to several thousand pieces a year).

Art & Design & Luxury

Metallization of unique parts of art series.

Automotive & Aerospace

Concept car or limited editions. VIP cabin design parts.


Decorative panels.

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