Technical deposit

Thick electrolytic plating to bring mechanical properties to the parts.

Choice of substrate could be plastic or composite rather than metal in order to reduce the parts weight or to manufacture parts with complex design.


Mechanical resistance

A metallization of 50µm doubles the mechanical properties of the part. From 120µm thickness there are multiplied by 6.


Fire resistance

The substrate is covered (so isolated) by a thick metal coating which is forming a metallic shell all over the part.


Impact resistance

The (mat) nickel has a surface hardness from 15 to 40 HRC.


Abrasion resistance

The nickel is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Why choosing metallized plastic parts over metal parts?

  • weight reduction of parts
  • better surface
  • better impact resistance
  • Higher mechanical properties (strength, hardness)
  • design of complex parts

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