The technology we use at Smart Metal Design, called additive technology, consists in metallizing an existing part in an electrolytic bath to get a metal thickness from a few microns up to several millimeters. There are 4 main concepts.

Mechanical coating with thin or thick deposit to bring extra mechanical properties to the part: shock resistance, temperature resistance, protection against abrasion, better demolding, better surface finish…

– Functional parts
– Pieces of art
– Concept cars

Thin electrolytic plating on a part to give it a metal look

– Cosmetic parts
– Decorative parts

100% metal parts entirely made by electroforming from a mold or from a wax (that can be 3d printed) that will be removed after metallization only to keep the metal part.

– Complex parts
– Hollow bodies

Our added value:

  • Compatible materials :
    • Rapid prototyping: 3d prints (SLA / SLS / FDM / MJF…) casting resin.
    • Plastic: (ABS, PC, PEEEK, PVC, PEI…)
    • Metal: aluminium, steel, brass, copper
    • Other: glass, composite…
  • Thick coating: from a few microns up to several milimeters: cold touch, metal look, strength,
  • Big sizes (up to 7000x4000x2500mm)
  • Wide range of finishes : nickel, copper, precious metal (gold, ruthenium, palladium…)
  • Metallization of prototypes, unit parts, small and medium series.
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